Zin Finance – The Future of DeFi Investing and Saving

Zin Finance – The Future of DeFi Investing and Saving

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October 7, 2020 by CryptoCurrencyBlog.io

Say Hello to Zin: The Future of Investing and Saving in the new DeFi Landscape

Zin is a newly launching DeFi investment, savings, and passive income platform that will transform DeFi investing.

BYOB = Be Your Own Broker

ImageZin Finance gives a whole new meaning to BYOB in Crypto. Not only can you Be Your Own Bank, but now you can Be Your Own Broker with an incredible new paradigm-shifting DeFi investment platform.  Zin Finance brings the benefits of block chain technology to traditional investing and will support a mixture of investment vehicles that, until now, have not been available for direct investment to average investors.

With Zin Finance you have the power to invest directly in cryptos, commodities and stocks, or a combination of these in preset portfolio funds designed for varying degrees of risk tolerance by expert fund managers!

Zin Finance will start with crypto investing and staking at launch and will add traditional investment vehicles like stocks and commodities as future milestones are completed in the coming months. As each new investment option is added, you can add it to your portfolio!


Automatically Save and Build Your Nest with AI Swarm Technology

Tired of being outmaneuvered by bots on exchanges? With Zin Finance’s cutting-edge AI back-end built using SWARM technology, the “bot” will work for you now – making sure your portfolio is intelligently and efficiently managed for ideal risk and growth to build your nest for a rainy day or (early) retirement.

Zin Finance employs expert financial fund managers who will provide a continuous “self-learning loop” for the AI to build stable growth portfolios for investors featuring an “AutoSave” recurring-transaction function you may activate for guaranteed savings.

You only need to make your investment choices and watch your savings grow!

 Stake Zin Tokens in the Zin Wallet for More Passive Income

The Zin platform utilizes the Zin token as collateral for fees and protocol governance. Zin tokens may be staked to earn interest, generating more Zin and more passive income. Zin tokens may also be exchanged for other crypto assets like Ethereum.

The Zin platform includes a savings wallet allowing you to keep your money in cash or Zin. If you choose Zin, then your tokens are automatically staked and automatically earning interest. Platform fees will be discounted or waived for Zin token holders (depending on the amount of their holdings.)

Image for post100% Deflationary Token

The Zin token is 100% deflationary, and tokens are burned as they are used. This means that the value of each token rises as supply decreases.

Other Features – Loose Change, Shopping Wallet and Debit Card Links

The Zin platform makes it easy to combine your “loose change” crypto trade remnants in your wallet and add them to your investments.

The Zin wallet will also link to a debit card or payment service and support shopping activities so you can avoid the hassle of managing multiple wallets for your various financial needs.

Safety First!

Last but certainly not least, Zin will be a safe and reliable investment platform, and you can sleep soundly knowing your money is secure.

Zin Finance will work with regulatory authorities on all investment choices in various economic jurisdictions to ensure each is legally available to investors before launching each option.

ImageThe Zin platform also gives you your own private key, which will be encrypted and backed up by only you and no one else!is

Uniswap Launch October 6th, 2020

How can you get involved now with this amazing project and get your Zin tokens?

Simply visit Uniswap and place your order today.

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