Why The Yellow Partnership For RMPL Is A Gamechanger

Why The Yellow Partnership For RMPL Is A Gamechanger

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September 16, 2020 by CryptoCurrencyBlog.io
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Earlier this month, RMPL partnered with Yellow, a premier blockchain incubator, investment and advisory company.

What is RMPL?

RMPL is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol developed with an elastic supply model. The total supply of RMPL constantly changes via a randomized rebasing that adjusts the supply at a random time 0 to 48 hours after the previous rebasing. This randomized rebasing prevents the price manipulation and exploitation of these events by bots or whales, solving the problem that arose when rebasing followed a strict schedule, taking place at the same time every day.

Who is Yellow, What Does This Partnership Bring to RMPL, and Why Is This Important?

Group 701.pngWhat don’t they bring is more the question. Yellow is RMPL’s new blockchain incubation partner and market maker.

Yellow’s founder is a long-term crypto pioneer in the market marking space and has helped back and launch multiple coins currently in the top 10 in terms of market cap.

Yellow supports blockchain startups with seed investments, mentorship, software solutions, advisory services, access to other partners in the Yellow network for synergistic growth, and more! Travala, the crypto travel booking platform traded on Binance, is an example of another project incubated at Yellow. Could there be synergies here? You bet!

Creating A Bridge For RMPL to Future Exchanges

Yellow has also committed its vast dev resources to build a bridge solution to roll out random rebase support for centralized exchanges, making it easy for them to support RMPL’s unique random rebase function. RMPL just announced they are going to be listed on Bithumb starting 9/16/2020 bringing an opportunity to a whole new market of investors to jump in.

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What Else Does This Mean for RMPL?

No short term hype and pump and dumps. RMPL is dedicated to becoming the “go-to” defi settlement token, and their partnership with Yellow gives them access to a huge knowledge-base, networking support, and deep-pocket backing to succeed for the long term.

Introducing DeFi Prophets

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The partnership with Yellow is deep. In fact, Yellow is working with RMPL on the formation of a licensed cryptocurrency entity (company) called DeFi Prophets, now online at defiprophets.com

DeFi Prophets specializes in rapid development of innovations in decentralized finance.  The team at DeFi Prophets is comprised of diverse individuals with common goals and strengths that complement one another. According to the website:

Together as a team we are stronger than the sum of our parts. This enables us to develop fast and deploy early across a range of financial products and services.

At DeFi Prophets, our partnership with Yellow extends to any project we launch and includes projects that Yellow would like us to be involved in. In fact, we are already working on a joint venture with Yellow, and we look forward to working on more together.

More Rewards & The Future of RMPL

RMPL is going to reward holders with airdrops of tokens from new projects that they are launching, further incentivizing RMPL holders.

ImageAbout Yellow

Visit https://www.yellow.com/ for more information on Yellow and make sure to follow their Twitter account at https://twitter.com/yellow.

About RMPL

RMPL is a decentralized ERC20 cryptocurrency with an elastic supply model that reaches supply-price equilibrium based on randomized rebasing. Developed to protect against the market manipulation and bot/whale exploitation that traditional scheduled rebasing encounters, RMPL offers its holders a steady ownership in the network with holdings that rise in value with the market cap. Reject the rigged game and come hold with us at

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