Pinky Promise Token Wants To End Uniswap Scams & Rug Pulls

Pinky Promise Token Wants To End Uniswap Scams & Rug Pulls

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October 19, 2020 by
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It’s Time to take the $PINKY PROMISE.

With all of the scams and rug pulls plaguing our community lately:

  • It’s time we as the crypto community stand up for honor and integrity.
  • It’s time we clean up our own community and put a stop to scams and rug pulls.
  • It’s time we protect each other and take responsibility for building the foundations of the new crypto economy the RIGHT way before government regulators come in and do it for us.

Enter $PINKY Promise

$Pinky Promise is a brand-new community project based on the idea of the unbreakable “pinky promise” where community members, many of whom will be anonymous devs, pledge to act honorably when building and launching crypto projects. It’s simple. Do what you say you are going to do, period.

$PINKY Club Membership has its privileges.

The $PINKY Promise community is organized like a club, and the $Pinky token gets you membership. Community members will vet your project and you’ll take the $PINKY Promise to swear to abide by the crypto rules of good conduct – in other words, no rug pulling, no scams, and if you’re a dev – you must list your token if you say you will.

The aim of the project is that once you’re in the club, you’ll get the benefits of community membership, including possible fund-raising assistance, sourcing services from the group or offering yours, marketing support for your project in the form of $PINKY club AMAs, and many more benefits a strong dedicated community can offer. However, the project has made full disclosure that this is a community effort and depends on mass adoption.

Membership Tiers & Benefits:

  • The Wizards — 150 $PINKY to enter: this tier aims to be a valuable and exclusive network for projects, high-value influencers, and community members.
  • The Patrol — 50 $PINKY to enter: The Patrol aims to come together to discuss projects and vet them by vouching for devs, reading and verifying code, etc. If a project passes the Patrol stamp of approval, this can be a marketing tool to assure investors your project is trustworthy.

As stated earlier, the utility of the clubs also depends on the adoption.


      • Total Supply — 10,000 $PINKY
      • Team — 600 $PINKY (locked for 3 months)
      • Marketing and Development — 1375 $PINKY
      • Uniswap Liquidity —2,625 $PINKY — (1 ETH = 75 $PINKY)

The $PINKY token is deflationary. There is a 2% burn every transaction until the supply halves.

More about $PINKY

Protect your investments today by joining the $pinky promise club.

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