MegaCryptoPolis – The Future of Crypto

MegaCryptoPolis – The Future of Crypto

July 7, 2020 by
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I’m not one for casting predictions because I’ve always thought those that try and predict market outcomes and generate a load of fear or frenzy should burn in a pit of fire. But I’ve came across Megacryptopolis in my travels and I can’t help but get super excited, mainly because I think this is the direction we’re all headed in as a human race.

Virtual Real Estate.

If you think about the scenario rationally then you only need to look at Second Life to see the bustling community that has transpired from there; part of the foundation of my University Computing degree was spent researching the several large communities that have emerged from places such as Second Life. We had computing lecturers that had entirely different social personas and lifestyles there. It looked and sounded fun!

Now we see Staramba; a German-led company that has really famous people affiliated with it. Paris Hilton and Bayern Munich to name a few. They are promising a full Ready Player One experience; an entire virtual world at our fingertips to design, explore and have gratuitous fun in. And this is why I was so excited when I first came across MegaCryptoPolis, not because of what is there already but because of what the future may bring to us.

Currently, in Cryptopolis all we can do is buy land or districts, but I’m positively sure this isn’t the end. You see, if enough is raised then the owners want to work on VR integration and I think if that happens then it will change the working dynamics within the game entirely, and why little old me, is buying up as much land as I can in this game.

How do I buy land?

Okay, so you’ll need a metamask wallet to integrate with the game. I recommend using Google Chrome as your desktop browser and add the extension. To do this you’ll need to download MetaMask from here and install it to your extensions. Set a password, save your seed phrase somewhere safe and then you’re ready to go!

What? You have no Ethereum? Well, you’ll need some because this is the game’s core currency for the moment. Coinbase is a good overall bet to get yourself some Ether if you’re in a country that works well with that platform. If not? Then I would definitely suggest

If you have no money to buy some crypto then I would suggest joining Steemit and earning some.

Why am I so excited?

Personally, and remember, I’m not one of those dudes on TV that pretends he has a DeLorean and tells us which way the pendulum of the market will swing. Take my advice with a pinch of salt, but I’ve been watching the world change and integrate with cryptocurrency over the last five years very closely, and we’ve almost broken through every industry imaginable. We’re going full ubiquity slowly, but surely. Virtual real estate and Virtual Reality are emerging technologies that haven’t been on the scene for long, but are very popular and are growing. You just need to have a look at how much land costs on Second Life, right? Combine the both of them and you have a totally immersive Virtual Reality experience. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Did you have a hard day at work? Excellent. Come down, sit, and watch the sunset from your bedroom in your Cryptopolis villa, or Mansion. Who knows, right? The choice is ultimately yours.

These are just my thoughts, though.

I’m an excitable chappy when I see something that could be amazing. The creators could have something entirely different visualized for us. I could be just farting in the wind with my own assumptions and visualizations. It may never come to pass. But, whatever the case may be, I’m sure it will be good fun owning my own piece of land, and doing with it whatever I please. As far as I understand it you can generate revenue from your land, so that will be fun all the same.

It’s an exciting prospect nonetheless.

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