Lattice Exchange: The DEX Revolution is Here!

Lattice Exchange: The DEX Revolution is Here!

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November 23, 2020 by
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More than an Evolution – it’s a DeFi platform REVOLUTION

From the hypergraphic minds of the Constellation Network team comes the newest evolution of the DeFi exchange ecosystem: Lattice Exchange.

Lattice Exchange will take today’s DEX to the next level with high-performance, low-cost solutions that fix the oh-so aggravating issues traders and investors alike now experience while attempting to trade or swap crypto on existing DEXes, limited by their dependence on smart contracts and the Ethereum network.

Lattice will leverage Constellation’s Hypergraph network, a directed acyclic graph (DAG)-based distributed network, allowing for multiple transactions called “micro services” to run much more efficiently than Ethereum’s smart contracts. In fact, Constellation’s protocol is infinitely scalable, fast, and gets even faster as more nodes are added to the network!

Say good-bye to network bottlenecks, frequent slippage, $50 gas fees, and the ever-“pending” transaction.


The Lattice exchange will provide a more efficient and effective method to trade crypto on a decentralized platform. Some of the biggest advantages Lattice has are:

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  1. More liquidity: Single-platform liquidity pools are not enough to create low-slippage trading environments. Lattice will feature a smart routing algorithm for trade execution across different platforms and will provide thick and liquid order books by aggregating liquidity pools across various DEXes. Users can also supply liquidity to the exchange pools on the platform to earn trading fees. A bridge will be built connecting the DAG ecosystem with the ERC20 ecosystem to create a fully interoperable feature-rich blockchain solution for platform users.
  2. Lower fees: ETH gas fees are required for logic processing in smart contracts. Constellation’s Hypergraph can conduct similar processing outside consensus as part of data pipeline processing, which would be feeless or nominal in some cases. This essentially serves as a type of “freemium” access to the network and a cost-effective peer-to-peer payment system.
  3. Multiple automated market-making (AMM) Algorithms: By developing multiple smart contract-based swap protocols and aggregating the liquidity of different pools, Lattice can allow users to choose an AMM or build their own AMM based on asset type.
  4. Data security and trade assurance: Constellation’s technology provides double-spend protection along with a concurrent consensus mechanism and topological ordering, which is algorithmically executed and cannot be manipulated. Additionally, an immutable audit trail is created on all data collected and transferred (not only on the traded asset) through its network.  This gives Lattice the ability to provide the level of trade assurance seen in traditional securities markets.

The LTX Token

The Lattice exchange platform will offer a native token, “Lattice” or LTX, to users for platform governance, fees and trading incentives. The LTX token gives holders voting rights around transaction fee values and inflation/deflation. LTX tokens used for transaction fees in the system will be burned to increase token demand. LTX token rewards will be given to users who add assets to the pools on the protocol.


LTX Token Distribution

100M LTX tokens will be minted in total with a fixed token supply.

  • 15% will be distributed through private sales
  • 10% will be distributed to users and investors through public sales. Any unsold tokens will be burned
  • 15% will vest for 24 months and will be reserved for team and advisors
  • 5% will vest over 24 months and will be used as marketing to engage users
  • 45% will be used in liquidity mining. Tokens will be minted on a daily basis and distributed to users who participate in the platform
  • 10% will be locked for 24 months. The governance committee will then determine the utility of these tokens

The Lattice platform will be rolled out in multiple phases beginning with liquidity aggregation in Q4 of this year. The final rollout will complete in Q4 of 2021.

LTX tokens will be available to the public for sale in October 2020. Constellation’s DAG tokens are already trading!

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