FOMO 3D and P3D = Sick Dividends

FOMO 3D and P3D = Sick Dividends

July 17, 2018 by

So over the last few months I’ve seen haters come and go; those that wont try anything slightly new for fear of getting burned. I get it, you know? Cryptocurrency right now is unregulated and for the most part very risque. Only last month did I lose 0.1 Bitcoin on someone that was posing as a legitimate coin, and then slammed the price down to 1 satoshi. I was burned, yet, as I always say, never play with money that you can’t afford to lose and you’ll always be fine.


Fear of Missing Out 3D and Proof of Weak Hands 3D are those such things. The concepts that both of these games work upon are first to the financial sphere, anywhere. The games are literally primed towards the investors and not the house. In fact; there is no house — that is the innate beauty of the game. The house can’t win because there is no house to collect. Only the players are in the game. And this is decentralisation at its core. Only the people invested in this are the owners of the game.

So let’s start with Fomo3D; I’m doing this backwards because I have a lot more invested in Fomo. Fear of Missing out is a game that plays until the last key to the pot is taken and no more buyers after a 24 hour period. Right now to buy a key, it is less than a dollar; and when I bought my first set of keys the price was less than 50 cents. With each key bought the price of the following key increases a fraction, making the game tougher to put in as the pot grows larger.

What’s the benefits of playing this game since you only have a little eth and no hope of winning? Dividends. Each key purchased siphons off a little dividends to your pot. Those dividends are higher with the amount of keys you have. For example I have nearly 1,500 keys and I earn around .05eth – .2 eth per day depending on how many people are putting in the pot. I initially started with only 0.2 Eth, but like the person that I am I kept reinvesting my dividends.


This is important. If you want regular dividends then stick with snake. The others will increase your take from the pot. So it’s up to you what you’d like to do? Receive regular money’s, or a bigger cut at the end. It’s exciting because no-one knows how far it will go, and how much eth we’ll all gain. This is the way of the game.

Proof of Weak Hands 3D.

This game was developed in April and had quite a bit of community backlash from big YouTubers that did zero research and were looking for quick views. I’ve never been one for feeding off the insecurities of others, but if you’re a crypto enthusiast that watches YouTube then bear in mind negativity is a way to grab your attention. It’s not necessarily for your benefit. Just be aware.

Proof of weak hands was an interesting game developed in the echelons of the 4chan community. It was a long standing joke over what would happen; until someone put it to practise, and unfortunately the pot was drained. Then a hardcore super leet team took the project over it, battle tested it against the most vicious conditions and then took it to market once they were satisfied; we’re 4 months into this and going strong. The game is somewhat like this:

A player puts into the pot of Ethereum. 10% of that Eth is transferred to token holders that are there already. This benefits longer players of the game. Yet, any transaction, withdrawal, or any sort of movement of coins will incur a 10% flat charge to the player. Meaning that people in the pot are given a portion of these fees. So as well as benefiting old players, it benefits new players too.

The ultimate winner is the player that is left standing in the pot; the last one to sell their coins. The way this works is that if everyone was to sell then the player left would collect all of those dividends. It’s quite an exciting game, and works against people that wish to sell.

The great thing about Fomo3D and Powh3D is that they are both intrinsically tied together with one another. If you have an investment in both then your dividends will be slightly better in Fomo3D — as well as getting Divs from P3D. The choice is basically which one pays the better. I’m not too sure myself. Both are great for dividends but I’m looking forward to when the first game on FOMO3D is finished. I expect a couple of Eth from that at least.

The beauty of it? I’ll shove 50% back again and start with a higher investment than I did previously. It’s all super exciting. I hope you consider joining me!

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