Ethereum 2.0 VS Cardano Staking Rewards

Ethereum 2.0 VS Cardano Staking Rewards

June 29, 2020 by
cardano vs ethereum 2

Everyone loves to use the term “ethereum killer” and everyone’s always gunning for ethereum because it’s the leader in the defi decentralized finance space. The smart contract platform and whatever and the goal for Cardano’s is similar to ethereum in that sense that it wants to is to build a massive decentralized computing network the millions of people businesses governments can use some data on financial applications from anywhere in the world.  There has been numerous delays in ethereum 2.0 and we now know that Ethereum 2.0 is not coming in July and is instead coming sometime down the line.

Cardano is moving to a proof of stake blockchain this August. T big takeaway here is that no matter what if they hit their timeline that this is their official rollout plan if they hit these numbers which it won’t look good if they don’t then they will have done this much faster much quicker than ethereum and that is going to give them a leg up and a first-mover advantage in this regard.

Risk Vs Reward Staking:

Cardano is clearly the riskier bet than ethereum if you don’t think that then that you just kind of you’re biased because ethereum is more established in the market making it relatively speaking the safer bet.

Ethereum 2.0 Staking Reward:

  • 3-5% Staking

Cardano Staking Reward:

  • 10%

Cardano with the lower market cap has a potentially easier time to move up in market cap, however, most likely comes with a higher risk as Ethereum has been here to stay for several years.


You can’t go wrong with staking either of these options. When Ethereum 2.0 launches staking immediately seems like a great bet with Cardano you can now stake right away.

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